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Webinar. Five reasons why a Microsoft SQL DBA should evaluate StandbyMP

Webinar. Five reasons why a Microsoft SQL DBA should evaluate StandbyMP

StandbyMP Webinars


Experience our new software, Standby MultiPlatform - the Gold Standard for Disaster Recovery on Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle SE.  Learn how StandbyMP goes beyond Basic Availability Groups and Log Shipping, including:

1. Ease of implementation. Great DR can be implemented without adjusting or re-architecting your systems.
2. Simplify and speed up workflows. This includes multi-database actions, across multiple instances and database platforms.
3. Eliminate the complexity.  Remove manual scripts and manual processes with one-click actions and guided workflows.
4. Maximize resilience. Quickly recover from any disaster with automated recovery to a warm standby database.
Improve your DR Plan. Consistently implement great DR of all instances and database platforms (SQL Server, Oracle SE, and soon PostgreSQL)

Who we are:
Dbvisit is trusted by globally recognized brands in over 120 countries. Learn how StandbyMP removes the tedium and complexity of managing Disaster Recovery, empowering DBAs to ensure Gold Standard DR enterprise-wide.

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Webinar duration: 30 minutes.
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April 12th - 1 PM AEDT/3 PM NZDT

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April 12th - 10 PM CET

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April 12th - 2 PM EST/11 AM PST




Meet Your Speakers

Alex 1024 by 528

Alex Masharov | Head of Development & Product Management
With 18 years of technical and leadership experience and a background in development, cybersecurity, and blockchain, Alex is responsible for dreaming up, developing and promoting world-leading database disaster recovery tools.


Tim Marshall | Product Marketing Manager
A technologist and expert in Disaster Recovery, Tim has International experience in Japan, Europe, and Oceania building unique product value, and market knowledge to truly understand industry challenges and opportunities.

We expect the unexpected

Dbvisit are the specialists in database disaster recovery. Our continuous database protection software is designed and engineered to Gold Standard disaster recovery principles:

     - Guaranteed integrity
     - Multi-threat resilience
     - Minimal data loss
     - Super-fast recovery

We’re trusted by globally recognised brands and organisations. In a world that never stops, we reduce risk and save time, ensuring you are open for business everyday.